Shortcake, a sponge cake that evolved uniquely in Japan

Japanese shortcake is a fluffy sponge cake and whipped cream layered with strawberries.

The Japanese believe that this cake introduced from Europe and Americacame, but in fact it was originally arranged in Japan. It’s very different from the thick cream shortcake on the biscuit dough you know.

What is Shortcake and can I eat it?

Materials of Shortcake

Eggs, sugar, flour, butter, milk, vanilla oil, cream, rum, strawberry, etc.

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
Restaurant Cafe Food supermarket Convenience store Cake shop

Shortcakes in Japan has soft and light texture and taste

The reason why Japanese shortcakes look like this is because it was thought that the soft and light texture and taste would suit the tastes of Japanese people.

Therefore, the crunchy dough has been improved to a sponge cake like castella, and the butter cream has been improved to fresh cream. It seems that there is also a reason that it has become easier to handle fresh cream because refrigeration equipment has become widespread.

In addition, there is a theory that the fruit of shortcake is limited to strawberries because the white of fresh cream and the red of strawberries were familiar as the colors of the Japanese flag.

So, when you say who developed this Japanese-style shortcake, the names of the two people go up.

One is Mr. Kuniteru Kadokura, the founder of Colombin, and the other is Mr. Rin-emon Fujii, the founder of FUJIYA. The two studied Western confectionery in France and the United States, respectively, and after returning to Japan, devised shortcakes for Japanese people.

Try to eat Shortcake!

How much ?

$ 4~8

Where can I get Shortcake ?

  • Cafe
    Shortcakes are usually found in cafes where cakes are placed.
  • Cake shops, food supermarkets
    Other than cake shops, there are some places that do not handle it.

Introducing the cake shop that is said to have devised Japanese shortcake


  • “Japanese original shortcake” $ 5.4

This shortcake uses a lot of eggs and the sponge cake is yellow. Fresh cream has a rich taste with high milk fat content. It seems that the sweetness has been modest since the beginning of the establishment according to the taste of the times. At the salon in Shinjuku, Tokyo, you can also enjoy “Baking Japanese original shortcake”, which is an arrangement of this shortcake like French toast.


There are three types of shortcake.

  • “Triangular shortcake”  $ 3.7
    Limited sale at some shops. It keeps the old style and is fresh because it’s made on the spot.
  • “Strawberry shortcake”  $ 4
    A classic shortcake.
  • “Premium shortcake”  $4.8
    It is a luxurious type that uses domestic strawberries and has two layers of cream and strawberries.

Precautions when eating Shortcake

For Muslims

Rum may be used in shortcakes to add aroma.

For vegetarians

Since it uses eggs and milk, it cannot be eaten by anyone other than lacto-ovo vegetarians.

Japanese writer’s comment for Shortcake

Except for the younger generation, many Japanese people image this shortcake when they think of cakes. Even now that many types of cakes are lined up in patisserie, strawberry and cream decoration cakes are the most popular cakes for celebrations such as birthdays and Christmas. This is because the red and white coloring is the color used for traditional Japanese celebrations.

If you want to express your impression of Japanese shortcake in one word, it is “familiarity”. When you put it in your mouth, the sponge and cream melt softly, and then the modest sweetness and the slight acidity of the strawberry spread. Chocolate cake and cheesecake are delicious, but I think there is no other cake that feels this familiarity.