Tamagoyaki, a soft Japanese omelet with dashi flavor

Tamagoyaki is a typical Japanese egg dish that is made by adding seasonings to melted eggs and baking them while rolling them on a frying pan.

The difference from the omelet is that it is thick. Salt, soy sauce, soup stock, sugar, mirin, etc. are used as seasonings. The frying pan used for Tamagoyaki is a square one.

Tamagoyaki is molded and has a bright yellow color, so it is often used as a side dish for bento boxes.

What is Tamagoyaki and is it okay for me to eat it?

Materials of Tamagoyaki

Eggs, salt, soy sauce, soup stock, sugar, mirin

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
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Tamagoyaki, a Japanese traditional egg dish

Tamagoyaki is said to have developed during the Edo period, and 200 years ago, there was the same Tamagoyaki as today’s one. At that time, Tamagoyaki was a dish made by a sushi chef and contained fish and shrimp paste. This Tamagoyaki was said to be difficult to make. It seems that sushi chefs couldn’t become full-fledged unless they could make Tamagoyaki well. Therefore, if we want to know the level of the sushi restaurant you enter for the first time, we should order Tamagoyaki first.

Tamagoyaki varies from region to region. Tamagoyaki in Tokyo contains a lot of sugar and is characterized by its sweetness. On the other hand, Tamagoyaki in Kansai contains a lot of soup stock and is very soft. When you lift the Tamagoyaki, the soup stock will drip. This is called “Dashimaki Tamago”.

Try to eat tamagoyaki!

How much ?

  • Bite size: $ 1
  • One plate: $ 6 – 8

Where can I eat Tamagoyaki?

Most izakaya offer “Dashimaki Tamago”. There are also Tamagoyaki at sushi restaurants, but ordering only Tamagoyaki is not welcome. If you want to eat traditional Tamagoyaki, you can buy it at a Tamagoyaki specialty store.


Izakaya chain restaurant famous for chicken dishes, which are contracted with poultry farmers and offer local chickens sent directly. Tamagoyaki using fresh eggs is offered as a standard menu.

Tsukiji Marutake

It is a famous thick-grilled egg specialty store in Tsukiji, Tokyo. At the storefront, you can watch the cooks make Tamagoyaki using multiple frying pans at the same time. You can buy a bite size of Tamagoyaki.


It is a popular “Dashimaki Tamago” specialty store located at Nishiki Market in Kyoto. Dashimaki Tamago at this store have a strong dashi flavor. Dashi stock is made using 4 kinds of ingredients including kelp.

Precautions when eating Tamagoyaki

For gluten-free people with celiac disease

A small amount of soy sauce is used for Tamagoyaki.

For gluten-free people other than celiac disease

A small amount of soy sauce is used for Tamagoyaki, but it’s okay to eat it. Please decide for yourself whether to eat.

Japanese writer’s comment for Tamagoyaki

A typical view of a Japanese morning kitchen is that a mother uses long cooking chopsticks to melt eggs.

The sound of rhythmically melting the eggs is followed by the sound of the eggs being roasted in a frying pan. Whether it’s scrambled eggs or omelet depends on the day, but when a child brings a lunch box to school, it’s almost Tamagoyaki. The rest of the Tamagoyaki that did not fit in the lunch box will be served as breakfast.

The taste is different depending on the family, so when we open our lunch at noon, it’s interesting to exchange it with our friends and eat it.