Tokyo Banana, banana-taste cream is contained in a banana-shaped sponge cake

Tokyo Banana is a famous confectionery in Tokyo released in 1991.

Banana-taste cream is contained in a banana-shaped sponge cake. It is steamed after baking the sponge cake, and its unique soft texture is popular.

Since it was developed as a souvenir from Tokyo from the beginning, the package is Letter size so that it is easy to carry, and it is also characterized by having Tokyo in the naming.

What is Tokyo Banana and is it okay for me to eat it?

Materials of Tokyo Banana

Banana cream, eggs, sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oils

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
Restaurant Cafe Food supermarket Convenience store Cake shop

Tokyo Banana was developed as a Tokyo souvenir

The banana flavor was chosen because it is preferred by men and women of all ages when developing Tokyo souvenirs. Bananas are fruits that are not produced domestically, and it is said that this is because the image of imported fruits matches Tokyo.

The project is a big hit, and most Japanese say Tokyo Banana when it comes to Tokyo souvenirs.

Originally it is a cute banana-shaped sweet, but they are actively collaborating with anime characters, and there are many versions with characters printed on sponges. In addition to sponge cakes, they also sell pies, cheesecakes, and cookies.

Try to eat Tokyo Banana!

How much ?

$ 5, 4 pieces

Where can I get Tokyo Banana?

Stations and airport shops in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Precautions when eating Tokyo Banana

For gluten-free people

Please do not eat it as it uses flour.

For vegetarians

Please note that you are using eggs.

For Muslims

No problematic ingredients are used.

Japanese writer’s comment for Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana has developed a gluten-free Tokyo Banana made from rice flour as an official Olympic item for foreign visitors at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, because the event was postponed for one year, it did not appear in stores as an official item in 2021.

This rice flour Tokyo Banana was released as a convenience store limited product after the Olympics. Instead of the Olympic emblem, the famous Japanese animation Doraemon is printed. It’s a limited sale, but if the sales are good, it may come back again!?