KitKat, auspicious food in Japan

KitKat is a sweet that originated in the United Kingdom, but it is especially popular in Japan and has its own development.

The reason is that the pronunciation of KitKat is close to “I’m sure to win” in Japanese, and there is an image of auspicious food.

Before a winning or losing event such as an exam or a match, we eat it with good luck or a supporter will put it in.

From that point on, the meaning of “supporting” has been added, and it has become a disaster relief product. It has more flavors than other countries.

What is KitKat and can I get it?

Materials of KitKat

Sugar, whole milk powder, vegetable oil, wheat flour, lactose, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, powder of soybean curd refuse, cocoa powder, yeast

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
Restaurant Fast food Food supermarket Convenience store Drug store

More than 100 types of KitKat have been released in Japan

KitKat was launched in the United Kingdom in 1935. And it was released in Japan in 1973.

Japan is now the second largest consumer in the world after the United Kingdom. So far, more than 100 flavors have been released in Japan.

Matcha flavor is the most popular among travelers visiting Japan. Matcha and chocolate, which are unique to Japan, go well together, and many people buy them in large quantities as souvenirs because they are not available anywhere else.

The classic flavor is 5 kinds as follows;

  • Standard
  • Moderate sweetness
  • Matcha
  • Hojicha (Roasted green tea)
  • Whole milk powder biscuits

In addition, limited flavors are available each season.

And KitKat also has 18 types of regional limited products in 12 regions.

Since 2014, high-end products have been developed, which are sold at the specialty store “Kit Cut Chocolatery” produced by Mr. Yasumasa Takagi, a famous Japanese pastry chef. Each large one comes in a cute box and costs $ 3.

Try to eat KitKat of Japan!

How much ?

$ 3

Where can I get KitKat?

You can get standard products at food supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug stores.

Precautions when eating KitKat


Japanese writer’s comment for KitKat

Needless to say, KitKat’s content is wafers, so it’s not gluten-free.

However, if you are gluten-free for your health, you will not feel a big change in your physical condition even if you eat about one piece.

But once I eat it, I can’t stop to eat, so I always refrain from buying it. If you buy a bag at a supermarket, it is dangerous because it contains 15 pieces. If you have a chance, check out the sweets section of the 100-yen shop. Mini sizes may be sold separately. However, you cannot choose the flavor.

If you decide to try the taste of Japan, Matcha is good, but Hojicha is also delicious. It is less astringent than Matcha and can be eaten like white chocolate.