Jagarico, popular potato snacks with very crispy and unique texture

It is a potato snack sold by Calbee, a major Japanese food maker.

Once puffed potatoes are shaped into thin sticks and fried in oil. Very crispy and unique texture is popular, and new flavors are being released one after another.

In addition, Jagarico, which is sold only in the area, is a popular souvenir for travel.

Due to the culture of travelers giving souvenirs to their colleagues at work and school in Japan, Jagarico, which is sold only in the region, is individually wrapped.

What is Jagarico and can I eat it?

Materials of Jagarico

Potatoes, vegetable oils, skim milk powder, salt, spices

Gluten-free1) Low-gluten Wheat-free1) Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian2)
Restaurant Fast food Food supermarket Convenience store Drug store
1) Wheat is basically not used, but some products may use wheat ingredients for seasoning.
2) Milk ingredients are used. Basically, no animal ingredients are used, but depending on the product, animal-derived extracts and eggs may be used for seasoning.

Jagarico has a variety of flavored products

The standard products “Salad,” “Cheese,” “Jaga butter,” and “Cod roe butter” are all gluten-free.

Standard products are sold in paper cups, but some are in bags with zippers.

There is also a series made to match the snacks of alcoholic beverages, which are sometimes sold near alcoholic beverages under the name “Adult Jagarico”.

In addition, there are the following types of Jagarico sold only in the area.

  • Tokyo: Sukiyaki flavor
  • Sendai: Gyutan flavor
  • Nagano: Nozawana and kelp flavor
  • Nagoya: Chicken wings flavor
  • Osaka: Takoyaki flavor
  • Hiroshima: Okonomiyaki flavor
  • Tottori and Shimane: Luxury crab soup stock flavor
  • Fukuoka: Mentaiko flavor
  • Okinawa: Taco rice flavor

By the way, derivative products with a crunchy texture are on sale, including “Eda Mariko” that uses green soybeans instead of potatoes, “Satsumariko” that uses sweet potatoes, and “Toumoriko” that uses corn.

Try to eat Jagarico!

How much ?

$ 1~1.4

Where can I eat Jagarico?

You can get Jagarico at any food supermarket, convenience store, or drug store. Discounts are available at food supermarkets and drug stores. New products may be easier to obtain at convenience stores.

Precautions when eating Jagarico

For people with celiac disease and wheat allergies

Most of Jagarico’s products, including standard products, do not use wheat, barley or rye. However, some products contain wheat ingredients in the seasoning powder.

For those who are not celiac disease but are gluten-free

Wheat ingredients are used in the seasoning of some products, but they are basically gluten-free. You can eat with confidence.

For vegetarians

Some use milk ingredients. In addition, the seasoning of some products may contain beef, pork, chickem and egg ingredients.

For Muslims

Most products are safe to eat, but be aware that some products may contain pork extract for seasoning.

Japanese writer’s comment for Jagarico

Jagarico has many recipes that are snacks but arranged into dishes.

Originally, it was a snack that was fried with mashed potatoes, so it was spread on SNS from people who wanted to make side dishes.

The easiest and most famous recipe is to pour hot water into a cup of Jagarico, mash it when it’s soaked, and eat it. Try it with your favorite flavor and you’ll get an elaborate mashed potato.

At this time, original recipes were made by adding butter and baking with cheese. Depending on the arrangement, it may be more delicious than you can imagine, and sometimes you may regret that you should have eaten it as it is. Each one costs about $ 1, so why not give it a try?