Monaka, red bean paste sandwiched between crispy wafers

Monaka is a traditional Japanese dessert with red bean paste sandwiched between crispy wafers. This rind is called “Kawatane” of Monaka, which is made by kneading glutinous rice flour with water, steaming it, spreading it thinly, cutting it, and baking it. It is usually round in shape.

Monaka is located all over Japan and is sold as a souvenir. The prototype of Monaka has been around since the Edo period, but the current form of Monaka has existed for 100 years.

What is Monaka and is it okay for me to eat it?

Materials of Monaka

Rice, read bean, sugar

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
Restaurant Cafe Food supermarket Convenience store Cake shop

Monaka has two types, bean paste has been sandwiched in advance or is sandwiched just before eating

There are two types of Monaka, one is that the bean paste is sandwiched between wafers in advance, and the other is that the bean paste is sandwiched just before eating.

The wafers of the type that the bean paste is sandwiched in advance is moist and we can feel the chewy texture made from glutinous rice flour. The type that the bean paste is sandwiched just before eating, we can enjoy the crispness and fragrance of the wafers.

This depends on the thought of the store. In addition, there is a difference in the bean paste inside between the two types, and the bean paste that is sandwiched in advance is finished to be sweetened by removing moisture.

There are various types of red bean paste inside. In addition to standard azuki beans, there are various kinds such as white bean, matcha, chestnut, pumpkin, yuzu, and cherry blossoms for the seasons.

Try to eat Monaka!

How much?

$ 0.6~3.0

Where can I get Monaka?

Convenience stores, Japanese sweets stores and souvenir shops in tourist area

Monaka can be purchased at convenience stores as follows:


Azuki Monaka $ 0.7

Family Mart

Premium Azuki Monaka $ 1

Precautions when eating Monaka

For gluten-free people

The main ingredients of Monaka are rice flour, red beans, and sugar, so you can eat with confidence. However, please note that ice cream made with Monaka may use wheat flour.

Japanese writer’s comment for Zenzai

The charm of Monaka is crispy and thin wafers. This wafers lose their crispy texture when there is moist. When you buy it, you had better eat it as soon as possible.

Monaka has a skin that easily absorbs moisture, so unlike other Japanese sweets, there is no such thing as fresh cream or fruit sandwiched between them. On the other hand, there may be rice cakes and chestnuts in addition to red bean paste. There is no gap in the bean paste, so you can feel full.

By the way, there is an ice cream called Monaka Ice. Vanilla ice cream and chocolate are sandwiched between the skin of the monaka instead of the bean paste. Please note that wheat flour is often used for the skin of Monaca ice cream.