Yakiimo, a roasted sweet potato is so sweet and creamy

Yakiimo is a roasted sweet potato, which is a food culture peculiar to East Asia. Depending on the country, there are some kinds like stone-roasted, pot-roasted, and cooking stove-rosted.

Japanese roasted sweet potatoes are mainly stone-roasted, and the sweet potatoes themselves are very sweet and creamy. It is traditional to roast and sell while traveling on a small truck, but recently it has decreased. Instead, roasted sweet potato corners in supermarkets become popular.

What is Baked sweet potato and is it okay for me to eat it?

Materials of Baked sweet potato

Sweet potato

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
Restaurant Fast food Food supermarket Convenience store Drug store

Roasted sweet potato, a takeaway snack that has been around for 300 years

Sweet potatoes were introduced from China in the 17th century.

The Japanese name of a sweet potato is “Satsuma Imo”. “Satsuma” comes from the old name of Kagoshima prefecture and it was the gateway to China.

Roasted sweet potatoes have been around since the Edo period, and at that time they were roasted in pots. It was sold at the storefront and was a winter takeaway snack, so it has the same culture as it is now.

After the Wolrd war II, stone-roasted potatoes, which were made by laying stones in a rear car and an iron box-shaped kettle, became popular. Now that sweet potatoes are available all year round, they are no longer just winter treats.

And with the advent of the brand potato, it has gained popularity as a slightly high-class natural sweet. The most famous of the brands is Beni Haruka. It has a higher sugar content and is creamier than conventional ones, so it tastes like a paste cooked just by roasting.

Try to eat Baked sweet potato!

How much ?

$ 1~3

Where can I get Baked sweet potato?

Food supermarkets
A roasted sweet potato oven is installed in the chain supermarket. There are differences in the varieties used, so each has a different taste.

AEON, Maruetsu

Several varieties are available. Not always everything.

  • Beniyuka: Smooth
  • Anouimo: Smooth
  • Silk sweet: Smooth
  • Beniazuma: Sticky
  • Beniharuka: Soggy


It’s a chain store centered in Tokyo, but there aren’t many other varieties.

  • Benitenshi: Pretty soggy

Don Quijote

A pioneer who started selling roasted sweet potatoes in supermarkets.

  • Beni Haruka: Sticky

Precautions when eating Baked sweet potato


Japanese writer’s comment for Baked sweet potato

In Japan, mobile sales vehicles for roasted sweet potatoes are slowly running through residential areas while playing background music with narration. When we’re at home and hear this music, go out to buy it. If the timing is not right, we will not be able to catch up with the mobile sales vehicle and we will not be able to buy it.

This BGM is familiar to Japanese people, but when foreigners listen to it, it sounds like a sutra or prayer, and it seems to be a lonely music.

All Japanese sweet potatoes are delicious, but the texture differs depending on the variety, so many people enjoy adding butter to the sweet potatoes and sprinkling cheese on the sweet potatoes. If you go to Japan, I definitely want you to give it a try!