Japanese style cheesecake, a type of baked cheesecake

A type of baked cheesecake, a cheesecake made by baking with a fluffy dough.

It was invented by a pastry chef at a hotel in Osaka at the time of the Universal Exposition in Osaka in 1970. In 2025, the Universal Exposition will be held again in Osaka.

What is Japanese style cheesecake and can I eat it?

Materials of Japanese style cheesecake

Cream cheese, butter, eggs, milk, flour, and sugar

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
Restaurant Cafe Food supermarket Convenience store Cake shop

Japanese style cheesecake made by mixing cream cheese with milk, merengue, and egg yolk

This cake is different from regular baked cheesecake.

Baked cheesecake is made by mixing cream cheese with fresh cream, sour cream, and whole eggs, while this cake is made by mixing cream cheese with milk, merengue, and egg yolk.

Because it uses meringue with whipped egg whites, it has a fluffy texture.

In Japan, in 1985, “Rikuro’s Store” in Osaka became popular by offering freshly baked cheesecake, and it spread all over Japan. The “Rikuro’s Store” sells whole cakes, but you can buy cut cakes at cafes and patisseries.

It is also sometimes sold at convenience stores. The fluffy dough is mostly made from cream cheese and egg whites, and the amount of flour used is 5 to 6 g per piece, which is less than cheese tart.

Try to eat Japanese Style Cheesecake!

How much ?

$ 2~4

Where can I eat Japanese Style Cheesecake?

It is unclear if japanese style cheesecake is always available at cafes and convenience stores. It is recommended to buy this at a chain supermarket or patisserie. Here are three common stores in station buildings and supermarkets.


  • It is a supermarket that handles luxury goods. The store is only in the city, but the quality of the products is high, so it is recommended to visit once. The souffle cheesecake (Japanese style cheesecake) is in the chilled corner and costs about $4 for 2 pieces.
  • This supermarket sells a variety of cheesecakes, so try other types of cheesecake. The most popular of this store is “Homemade Premium Cheesecake”. it is also delicious!
  • A credit card is available.


  • A long-established pastry company that opened in 1910. The mascot character Peko (a girl with a red ribbon and a tongue sticking out) is famous, and a doll will welcome you at the store. It is said that FUJIYA spread the custom of eating cakes for Christmas in Japan.
  • You can find the store in the supermarket Ito Yokado.
  • Souffle cheesecake (Japanese style cheesecake) is about $4.
  • Credit cards and electronic money are available.

Ginza Cozy Corner

  • Opened in 1948 in Ginza, Tokyo, it is located in station buildings and large-scale commercial facilities.
  • Souffle cheesecake (Japanese style cheesecake) made with French Kiri cream cheese is sold for $4 each.
  • Electronic money for transportation is usually available.

Precautions when eating Japanese Style Cheesecake

Not Gluten-free, but low Gluten

Wheat flour is used in souffle cheesecake, but it is 5 to 6 g per piece, which is a small amount in the cake. As long as you don’t eat a lot, it’s okay if you’re gluten-free for your health.


Wheat flour is the only ingredient that is high in FODMAPs, and only a small amount is used, so you can think of confectionery as low FODMAPs.

Japanese writer’s comment for Japanese style cheesecake

Japanese style cheesecake (Souffle cheesecake) is a cake with a light taste among cheesecakes.

It may not be enough for those who like rich cheesecake. However, its crispy texture and refreshing aroma are popular for everyone.

You may be able to eat the 7 inches whole cake sold for $7 at the famous Rikuro’s Store in Osaka by yourself. It’s such a soft cake. The dough is made from meringue, so it’s similar to chiffon cake, but the cheese has a refreshing acidity and a moist feeling.