Warabimochi, a kind of soft sweets made from bracken starch

It is a kind of soft sweets made from bracken starch, which is starch from the roots of bracken, which is a kind of fern. Bracken starch is valuable because of its low production volume. Therefore, most of them are made from potato starch.

Among Japanese soft sweets, it is especially soft and popular because it has a special texture. It is common to sprinkle soybean flour, matcha, or brown sugar syrup on it.

What is Warabimochi and can I eat it?

Materials of Warabimochi,

Bracken starch or potato starch and sugar

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
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Restaurant Fast food Food supermarket Convenience store Drug store

Warabimochi has been eaten for over 1000 years

Warabimochi already existed in the 10th century and was a favorite of the emperor. At that time, only high-ranking people could eat.

After the 13th century, when the tea ceremony became widespread, it became popular as a tea confectionery.

A lot of bracken starch was produced at Nara prefecture, so warabimochi became popular there. However, in the 18th century, the production of bracken starch decreased, and it was made from other raw materials.

It is a Japanese sweet that is loved by the Japanese people today.

Warabimochi is translucent, has a cool appearance, and has a simple taste, so it has recently been used as a topping for cold drinks and parfaits.

Try to eat Warabimochi!

How much ?


Where can I eat Warabimochi?

Warabimochi made from potato starch can be found at convenience stores, food supermarkets, family restaurants, cafes, etc. anywhere in Japan. Here, we’d like to introduce some popular shops in Kyoto that use precious bracken starch.


  • You can enjoy warabimochi made from genuine bracken starch for just $11. It is served with the standard way of eating soybean flour and brown sugar syrup. GION is an area where old Japanese buildings, GEIKO and MAIKO are. It may sell out, so be sure to go to the store early if you want to eat it.
  • You had better to prepare cash.


  • You can eat fresh warabimochi at this shop. This warabimochi uses genuine bracken starch and costs about $12. Since it is made after the order is placed, it is served while being cooled in ice water. It is a shop that is enthusiastic about handing down culture, and if you make a reservation in advance, you can also experience making Japanese sweets.
  • You had better to prepare cash.


  • A modern shop in Gion with table seats. Warabimochi made from genuine bracken starch costs about $11. Warabimochi is in a container made of bamboo, so you can take wonderful photos. There is also a Japanese sweets section, so you can buy sweets that you can take home and eat. Kinako sweets are recommended because the shop is particular about kinako, which is roasted soybean flour.
  • You had better to prepare cash.

Precautions when eating Warabimochi

Gluten-free and Low-FODMAP

Warabimochi is a highly recommended gluten-free sweet. It’s also low FODMAP, daily free, and low calories. If you combine it with other sweets, be careful what’s in it.

Japanese writer’s comment for Warabimochi

I have never seen a Japanese person who dislikes Warabimochi. Even if you don’t like Japanese sweets, you will love this sweet.

However, most Japanese people have never eaten warabi mochi made from genuine warabi powder. This bracken starch is so precious.

Warabimochi is the easiest place to buy at convenience stores, but you can still enjoy it. The price is around $ 2.

Warabimochi is sold at food supermarkets, and you can easily make warabimochi by boiling it in a pot with water and sugar. However, craftsmanship is required to produce a smooth texture.