Tsukemen, dipping noodles

Tsukemen is a kind of ramen dish. It consists of ramen noodles which are dipped in a separate bowl of soup or broth, before being eaten. Soba, udon, and somen are eaten in the same way, but they are not called Tsukemen. The noodles used in Tsukemen are the same as the noodles used in ramen. Tsukemen soup is basically Chinese taste and has a stronger flavor than ramen soup. Tsukemen has been devised in various ways depending on the stores, and there is a wide variety of soup flavors and garnish ingredients. The dish is a very popular in Japan.

What is Tsukemen and is it okay for me to eat it?

Materials of Tsukemen

Wheat flour, pork, vegetables, egg, etc.

The raw materials are almost the same as ramen.

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
Restaurant Fast food Food supermarket Convenience store Drug store

Eat hot noodles with hot soup

Tsukemen is said to have started when a ramen shop clerk ate the noodles and soup left over from the shop as their meal. Originally in Japan, it was customary to wash boiled noodles with water, chill them, and dip them in cold soup. Tsukemen is made by draining boiled ramen noodles without washing them with water and serving them warm. Soups are also usually served hot.

Tsukemen, which is made by soaking freshly boiled hot noodles in warm soup, is a completely different kind of noodles that have been eaten in Japan. Ramen with noodles in hot soup is delicious, but tsukemen, which is eaten with hot noodles in hot soup, is also popular.

Try to eat Tsukemen!

How much?


Where can I eat Tsukemen?

It can be eaten at Tsukemen specialty stores and some ramen shops. Tsukemen is often not available at general ramen shops. Before visiting, it’s a good idea to check if there is tsukemen on the menu.

For people with dietary restrictions

Gluten is included

Noodles of Tsukemen is made from wheat flour, so please do not eat it. I rarely see gluten-free Tsukemen.

High FODMAP food

It is a high-FODMAP food because noodles of Tsukemen is made from wheat flour.

For Muslims

Pork is usually used in Tsukemen as toppings and soup, so please do not eat it.

Japanese writer’s comment for Tsukemen

Tsukemen is one of the dishes that varies greatly from shop to shop. Generally, noodles are served as they are boiled and drained, but some shops serve them after cooling them with water. In addition to Chinese-style soup, there is also Japanese-style soup, which is rich in variety.

The most orthodox Tsukemen is offered at a Tsukemen specialty store called “Ganso Chuka Tsukemen Daio”. It is said that this shop used the name Tsukemen for the first time in Japan, and you can eat more than 20 kinds of Tsukemen. There are 9 shops in Tokyo, so please check online.