Deep-fried prawn, a Japanese food with Western sauce

It is a dish in which prawn with its shells and internal organs removed, flour, beaten eggs, and bread crumbs are added and fried in a large amount of oil.

Served on a plate with raw vegetables such as cabbage, cucumber and tomato, and eaten with tartar sauce or Worcestershire sauce. At restaurants, it is often served as a set with rice and miso soup.

It is one of the Japanese dishes considered in Japan, but the Japanese believe that it is a Western-style dish.

What is Deep-fried prawn and can I eat it?

Materials of Deep-fried prawn

Prawn, wheat flour, egg, bread crumbs, vegetable oil, raw vegetable

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
Restaurant Fast food Food supermarket Convenience store Drug store

Deep-fried prawn and shrimp tempura are different

The prawn used as the material for deep-fried prawn is either prawn (Kuruma-ebi), black tiger prawn, or whiteleg shrimp, and Kuruma-ebi is the highest grade. Black tiger prawns and whiteleg shrimp are cultivated in Southeast Asia and imported. Shrimp is never used as a material for deep-fried prawn.

There is also prawn tempura as a fried food dish using prawn, but fried prawn and prawn tempura are battered and eaten differently.

Deep-fried prawn batter is thick and made from bread crumbs and beaten eggs. The beaten egg and bread crumbs may be applied twice to thicken the batter. On the other hand, tempura garments are thin and are made from wheat flour and beaten eggs.

Deep-fried prawn is eaten with a Western-style sauce such as tartar sauce or Worcestershire sauce, while prawn tempura is eaten with a mixture of say sauce, dashi soup, and mirin, or with salt.

Deep-fried prawn can be eaten at Western restaurants and set meal restaurants. However, there are not many menus with only deep-fried prawns, and it is generally served on a plate with other fried foods such as fried oyster, fried white fish, croquette, and tonkatsu. There is also often a set of deep-fried prawn and hamburger steak.


Seasonal ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, and mushrooms are wrapped in a batter made from wheat flour, eggs, and[…]

Try to eat Deep-fried prawn!

How much ?

$ 8~40, Set meal of fried prawns

Where can I eat Deep-fried prawn ?

You can eat deep-fried prawns at Western restaurants and set meal restaurants. Introducing a restaurant chain where you can eat fried prawn.


It is a popular pork cutlet and katsudon restaurant. There are more than 400 stores in Japan. There is no fried prawn-only menu, but you can eat a set menu of fried prawn and pork cutlet for about $ 8.

Tonkatsu Wako

It is a tonkatsu specialty restaurant, and there are about 120 stores nationwide. You can eat a set menu with fried prawn for $ 15. Some stores also have a fried prawn-only menu.

Precautions when eating Deep-fried prawn

For Muslims

Deep-fried prawn does not contain any problematic ingredients. However, some stores cook pork with the same utensils. If you are interested, please be careful.

Japanese writer’s comment for Deep-fried prawn

Recently, Japanese households are less likely to make time-consuming fried foods.

we can buy fresh fried shrimp in the evening at the delicatessen section of the food supermarket. We can take it home and heat it in an oven toaster or microwave to eat it. There is also fried prawn, which is a frozen food.

Some are fried in oil and then eaten, while others are naturally thawed and eaten as is. However, this is not recommended because you cannot taste the original taste of deep-fried prawn. After all, freshly fried fried prawn is the most delicious.