Lunchpack, a new type of sandwich that is very popular in Japan

“Lunchpack” is a bread with a unique shape in which the ingredients are sandwiched between white breads, the surroundings are crimped, and then the crust are cut off.

“Lunchpack” is the product name of a Japanese company called Yamazaki Bread.

Approximately 50 types of ingredients are always on sale, including sweets such as peanut cream, jam, and whipped cream, and unsweetened ingredients such as eggs, tuna and mayonnaise, croquettes, and curry.

It is cheaper than sandwiches, has a long expiration date, and is convenient to carry.

What is Lunchpack and where can I get ?

Materials of Lunchpack

Flour, baker’s yeast, salt, and others.
Depends on the ingredients.

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
Restaurant Fast food Food supermarket Convenience store Drug store

A unique sandwich with ingredients wrapped in a bag of bread

Bread made by sandwiching the ingredients with white bread, crimping the surroundings, and then cutting off the crust is sold by several companies in Japan, but Yamazaki’s “Lunchpack” is the most famous. Since its first release in 1984, more than 1800 types of products have been launched, including limited-time products and regional limited products. There are two breads in one pack.

You can get it anywhere, such as convenience stores and food supermarkets. It can also be stored at room temperature. And it’s square and easy to carry, and we can eat it with one hand. It is often used by busy business people and students for meals and snacks. The package is filled with nitrogen gas to prevent the product from spoiling and the bread will not be crushed even if it is put in a bag. In addition, the dough for bread is finer than ordinary white bread to prevent the ingredients from coming out.

Popular are peanuts, eggs and tuna mayonnaise, especially peanuts, which have been on the market since their launch in 1984. At the time of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Tournament, Lunchpack peanuts became popular among the media people who came to Japan, and at the time of TOKYO 2020 in 2021, it became a hot topic among overseas reporters.

There are “Lunchpack” specialty stores in Akihabara and Ikebukuro in Tokyo, where you can buy almost all products, including regional products.

Try to eat Lunchpack!

How much ?


Where can I get Lunchpack ?

  • Convenience stores, food supermarkets

Precautions when eating Lunchpack

For vegetarians

Some packed lunches use only plant-derived ingredients, but in some cases milk ingredients are added during the manufacturing process. Be careful if you avoid dairy products for religious reasons.

For gluten-free people

The main ingredient is wheat flour, so please do not eat it.

For Muslims

Some products use pork as a raw material.

Japanese writer’s comment for Lunchpack

“Lunchpack” is an epoch-making product that makes it easy to carry bread. The price is reasonable and we can enjoy various tastes.

However, I don’t usually eat it. The reason is the variety of food additives. Food additives are necessary for mass-produce delicious, long-lasting foods at low prices. If you are allergic or atopic, you may not eat large amounts.

Applying peanut butter to freshly baked bread purchased at a bakery shop takes time and effort, and we cannot carry it. In this case, there are few food additives that enter the body.

I consider “Lunchpack”to be food for carrying around.