Doria, a dish of butter rice topped with bechamel sauce and baked

Doria is a dish of butter rice or pilaf topped with bechamel sauce and baked in the oven.

Also known as rice gratin, this dish was conceived by a chef at a hotel in Yokohama in Japan around 1930.

What is Doria and can I eat it?

Materials of Doria

Rice, butter, milk, flour, cheese, and ingredients, etc.

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg※ for Vegetarian
Restaurant Fast food Food supermarket Convenience store Drug store
※ Sometimes used for toppings

Doria has various types depending on the ingredients used

In Japan, it is a popular Western dish, and there are various types such as seafood doria, chicken doria, and curry doria depending on the ingredients used.

This is a creative dish by Swiss chef Mr. Saly Weil, who was the first chef of the Yokohama Hotel New Grand.

There is a French dish called “Homard Tourville”, which is is said to be the prototype of Doria. At Hotel New Grand’s coffee house “The Cafe,” you can still enjoy the same “Doria” as at that time.

It is also popular with Japanese children and it is eaten at Western restaurants and made from rice left over at home.

Recently, there are lunch boxes and frozen foods at convenience stores and food markets and, so they are easy to get.

Try to eat Doria!

How much ?


Where can I eat Doria?

We recommend eating at a family restaurant as you can eat warm doria at a low price.

A family restaurant is a casual restaurant that is chained. The menu of family restaurants changes frequently, so the following information is for reference only.

As Doria is a standard menu, you can find similar ones easily.


  • Creamy Doria with shrimp and vegetables
  • Price: $7
  • A dish is served in a skillet pot.
    Orders are made on a tablet (English menu is available), and payment is made later at the cash register near the entrance. Credit card, electronic money, QR code approval is possible.


  • Meat Sauce Doria
  • Price: $3
  • The most famous family restaurant Doria. The feature is that the sauce is minced meat sauce. Cost Performance is the best.
    To order, fill in the number and quantity in the menu book on the order form at the seat and give it to the clerk. The menu book has English annotations. Payment is postpaid at the cash register near the entrance. Credit card and electronic money can be settled.


  • Rice Casserole with 3 Types of Cheese & Shrimp
  • Price: $8
  • You can complete everything from ordering to payment with your smartphone. Open the ordering site in your browser from the QR code in your seat, select the menu and payment method, and wait for the food to arrive. Credit card and electronic money can be settled.

Precautions when eating Doria

Not Gluten-free, but low Gluten

A dish of ramen contains about 100g of wheat flour and 15g of gluten. It is also a high FODMAPs food.


The only ingredient that is high in FODMAPs is wheat flour, and only a small amount is used, so it is you a low-FODMAPs dish. After that, please judge by the ingredients.

Japanese writer’s comment for a family restaurant

When you go to a family restaurant, I recommend to order “Drink Bar”.

This is a service in which you pay the fixed amount and you can drink your favorite one as many times as you want. Also, if you order with food, the price will be discounted.

The drinks available are soft drinks, including coke, soda vegetable juices, coffee, espresso, latte, and tea. These are self-service, so you pour yourself from the machine.

Therefore, some people mix multiple drinks to make an original cocktail. Family restaurants are so popular with children and women because they can stay for a long time by using the drink bar.