Calpis(Calpico), Lactic acid bacteria drink that every Japanese knows

Calpis is a lactic acid bacteria beverage unique to Japan with a refreshing acidity and a slight sweetness.

Yakult, the same lactic acid drink, contains live lactic acid bacteria, while Calpis lactic acid bacteria are dead.

It has been popular with many people for over 100 years since its launch in 1919. It is such a famous drink that no Japanese person has never drank Calpis. You can drink it cold or warm, and you can also drink it with carbonated water or vodka.


It is a lactic acid bacteria beverage manufactured and sold by the Yakult Honsha Company, Limited in Japan, and is sold […]

What is Calpis and and can I eat it?

Materials of Calpis

Milk, sugar, soy bean, and fragrance

Gluten-free Low-gluten Wheat-free Low FODMAPs High FODMAPs
with Beef with Pork with Daily with Egg for Vegetarian
Restaurant Fast food Food supermarket Convenience store Drug store

Calpis is a lactic acid beverage inspired by Mongolian sour milk

Calpis is a lactic acid bacteria beverage made by fermenting milk components with lactic acid bacteria. It was developed based on the sour milk that the founder drank in Inner Mongolia (currently Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China).

Since its launch in 1919, the manufacturing method has not been disclosed for a long time, but it is said that skim milk is fermented with lactic acid bacteria, sugar is added to it, and then fermented with yeast. It is characterized by the refreshing acidity of lactic acid and a slight sweetness.

Calpis is available in both ready-to-drink and high-concentration stock solutions.

The undiluted solution is diluted 2.5 to 5 times with water, hot water and milk before drinking. The undiluted solution is very convenient because we can freely change the sweetness and mix it with carbonated water or alcohol. In addition, since the undiluted solution has a high concentration, it does not easily spoil even when stored at room temperature.

There are also products such as Calpis mandarin oranges, Calpis grapes, and Calpis strawberries, which are made by adding fruit juice to Calpis. In addition, candy, tablets, popsicles, etc. using Calpis are also on sale.

Try to drink Calpis !

How much ?

  • $ 1.2, Calpis water 500ml pet bottle.
  • $ 7, Calpis concentrate 1L

Where can I get Calpis ?

Food supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores

Precautions when drinking Calpis

For vegetarians

Calpis is made from milk. Do not drink unless you are a lacto vegetarian.

For Muslims

Calpis does not contain any problematic ingredients. Calpis produced in Malaysia is halal certified.

Japanese writer’s comment for Calpis

Calpis is sold under the name “Calpico” in the English-speaking world.

The reason is that the pronunciation of Calpis is similar to cow piss. By the way, I tried to find out what Calpis means.

Calpis comes from the English word “calcium” and the Sanskrit word “sarpis”. Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language used in Buddhist scriptures. Among them, the fourth delicious thing refined from milk is sarpis.

It is certainly rich in milk-derived calcium and is made from milk. The company named Calpis has disappeared after being merged with a major Japanese beer company, but I hope the product name will continue into the future.